Anuj Sharma

I am a data science practitioner.I share my learning experience through this website in data science field with students who want to learn data science step by step and in simple way.This 365 days course is designed for students who are new in this field.Some blogs are also shared regarding data science.
Learning and sharing is the best technique to gain experience.If you want to share any topic then please contact me at

Step by step learning

This course is designed for 365 days.Course is divided some mini course.You have to follow this day by day.Day numbers are attached along with topics.I will add topics day by day.So Please have patience.

This course includes some basic mathematics concepts(algebra,matrics and vectors etc),Probability,Statistics,Machine Learning(Advanced statistics).Topics could be explained through images,videos written by tutor or by another good tutors who are available on internet.Please click on topics given below to get details.If you have any queries regarding any topic then please contact me at